the Cellar

Cocktail list

Step downstairs for a unique experience, and choose from our carefully curated cocktail list. Our mixologists are expertly trained and will ensure that your cocktail is shaken, stirred, garnished and presented with finesse every time.

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Cuba Libre

Baking spice, effervescence, a zing of lime, the sweetness of the rum, and earthy, grassy notes.




Sweet orange, tart and savoury cranberry, dominating sour lime, and a vodka undercurrent.


Cellar mojito candles


Fragrant earthy mint, the sweet and sour of sugar and lime and the spiced softness of rum.


Cellar old fashioned

Old Fashioned

Clove and cinnamon complement dominant caramel flavours, where sugar and orange serve to sweeten.


Cellar bmary (best)

Bloody Mary

Savoury tomato, tangy lemon, punchy tabasco and dry vodka, a delicious assault on the senses.


Cellar Mug moscow

Moscow Mule

Fiery, sweet ginger is equalled in ferocity by sour lime, all with an undercurrent of vodka.


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Sweet, salty, sour lime and bitter grapefruit, the Paloma covers all four taste groups.


Cellar glowing drink


Sweet and soft berry flavours complement juniper whilst being lifted by sour lemon.


Cellar Clover post

Clover Club

Raspberry sweetness mingled with floral juniper, with a light dry citrus that finishes silky smooth.


Cellar new tiki

Tiki Master

Sweet, tropical flavours meld with fragrant herbs and spices, mellowed with vanilla notes.


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Gin Sorbet

Crisp, bitter tonic and pungent juniper are woken up with refreshing, icy lemon.


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The Cygnet

Floral at first, with hints of chamomile and lavender. Fresh and citrusy, with a bite of coriander spice.


Cellar smokey pour


Sweet pineapple is livened with tart sparkling wine, with orange flavours.


Cellar blue

Welsh Kiss

The tartness of the sparkling wine is mellowed by smooth vodka, and woken up with orange notes.


Cellar Socials

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The Cellar is the perfect, intimate location to host a gathering. Comfortably accommodating 25 guests, The Cellar is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, festive outings and more.