Our Local Suppliers

At Qube, we take great pride in choosing our local suppliers, making sure our ingredients are sourced locally and therefore sustainably. When visiting a Welsh restaurant, we want you to be sampling Welsh fare. It’s easy enough to claim to ‘buy local’, so we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is and introduce […]

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Christmas Parties

The Qube has been in business for 16 years now, and if there’s one thing they look forward to, it’s the merry time through November and December when the restaurant is full of Christmas parties. On November 24th, The Qube is action stations. Decorations are dug out of storage, the chefs start baking mince pies

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Neyland Girls U16s

If there’s a community project going on, you can bet that Qube Group won’t be far away showing their support. The latest cheque signed has gone to Neyland Girls U16s rugby team. With the girls in desperate need of new kit for the season, Qube Group, amongst a handful of other local businesses, has signed

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Winter Events Booklet

The Qube Group, better known by its individual establishments Qube, Cove and Ronni’z Lounge, has decided to put together a winter events booklet.  Summer has rolled along in a flurry of activity, visitors and unpredictable weather. Qube Group wanted to make sure there was plenty on offer to keep autumn and winter interesting. The teams at

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Brunch at Qube

Brunch. The delicious phenomenon that swept the nation and settled firmly into the norm. Nestled between breakfast and lunch, brunch is a free-for-all of indulgence. Will you choose sweet stacks of hot pancakes, or maybe a virtuous Breakfast Buddha? Will your brunch be the fry up to end all fry ups? Perhaps you’re moving straight

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Wimbledon’s treat: Afternoon Tea

There are few things more quintessentially British than taking afternoon tea or tucking into a strawberry. However, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which is held every July, could be a contender. This is possibly why sampling dainty finger sandwiches as well as jam and cream laden scones while the tournament is being held, is the thing

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Pembrokeshire Fish Week

Come and celebrate Pembrokeshire Fish Week with us here at The Qube. This award-winning festival is a celebration of seafood as well as the county’s spectacular coastline, award-winning beaches and fascinating maritime heritage. There are plenty of events and activities, out of the 250 which will have been held, that you can take part in.

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